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7 best places to shop for smart devices

November 19,2021 by Matthew Bell

  These seven stores can help you find connected devices from smart lighting to locks, and even some deals on pricing

  When you're in the market for smart devices, where you buy them can be as important as what you're buying. Sure, you can go online directly to the brand's web page and make your purchase, but you may not always get the best price. Plus, there's a good chance you'll be interested in stocking up on more than one smart device, perhaps made by different brands. Being able to get all your gear in one place is far more convenient than combing the internet or going from store to store (yes, people do still shop offline.)

  For the best inventory and the most modern smart devices, these seven spots are tops. Narrowed down to the places that often give up great deals and deliver what they've promised, you can count on expanding your smart devices collection from the core pieces to the super-connected and coolest gizmos and gadgets.

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  The place to shop for Alexa devices, Amazon also has deals on thousands of other smart home store devices too


  You can get almost anything Amazon. Packed with nearly any smart device one can think of, the e-commerce website is the go-to for tech-savvy shoppers. Not to mention what they've got in terms of their own products like Amazon Echoand Alexa. You can compare prices and save big when they launch mega-deals like their Cyber Monday sale.

  This site also has some of the best deals out there — cyber holidays like Deals Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Prime Day will drop the prices of smart devices so low you'll be in a hurry to catch them.


  Ikea has its own line of smart devices, including connected lights, all at Ikea-level pricing


  The Swedish superstore may not be the first thing that comes to mind when smart device shopping is on the agenda. But along with Ikea's bedroom sets and kitchenware, the store's home electronics section is full of its own line of smart lighting, speakers, wireless accessories, and appliances. Their mouthwatering meatballs may be the big draw, but the smart stuff is just as satisfying.


  Target is a store known for discount pricing, which applies to many of the smart devices it sells as well


  Target is a consumer's heaven, with anything and everything under the sun to shop for. From lipstick to laundry machines, there's not much that can't be collected on a Target run. And that includes smart devices. Their smart home section is particularly robust, with devices for every room in the house and even outside. The best part is their great prices that are often paired with free shipping. Where else can you get a Nest Cam and a box of noodles at the same place?

  Best Buy

  With retail shops, Best Buy lets people take a look, in person, at smart devices before they make a purchase

  Best Buy

  Best Buy is better known for electronics rather than a one-stop-shop for all essentials. And that makes the retailer reign supreme in terms of smart device sales. For those interested in smart home supplies, Best Buy is big on everything from home automation kits to high-tech pet gear. Sales are common and offer considerable discounts, both online and in-store.


  Walmart is known for selling almost anything — and that includes smart devices


  Walmart's another all-inclusive shopping mecca with tons of items to choose from. Food, furnishings, fashion, and more, the superstore is stuffed with every day needs and the extras. Speaking of extras, their smart home section is packed with the latest in high-tech and smart goods. We all know Walmart is known for their fair prices, and their smart selections fit the bill.

  P.C. Richard & Son

  More than TVs, P.C. Richard & Son now sells a wide variety of smart home products

  P.C. Richard & Son

  Appliances are aplenty, as are smart devices that have taken P.C. Richard & Son into the modern era. With 109 years in business behind them, this trusted store is a safe bet for finding the latest smart devices at discounted prices. Selling items such as smart hubs, Wi-Fi thermostats, LED lighting, and security systems, there's more to take home than just a big screen TV.

  The Home Depot

  Smart appliances, lighting and home security devices can be found at The Home Depot

  The Home Depot

  Tools, hardware, and outdoor furniture are popular items purchased at The Home Depot, but they're taking their smart devices game up a notch too. Think smart appliances, lighting, and home security as examples. More than a store for the DIY-er, The Home Depot is also a place for the savvy smart device shopper. With their "Spring Black Friday" deal happening now, savings are blooming.


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