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Dyson Hair Dryer Review

October 28,2021 by Matthew Bell


One word would cover it all. “Progressive. ” In other words, innovative and cheap. Recent technology like 5D sensors have transformed hair driers and improved the cleaning properties of hair. However, the technology has reached the stage where many people consider these appliances expensive, as their standard range of controls can be confusing to use. That seems to be putting a lot of pressure on the Airwrap tech, no doubt by the name alone. Dyson Works’ new Hydration 400 Multi-Styl and Thermal Device finally hits the market, giving you the ability to steam, curl and smoothe the length and width of your hair at once. The result, in case you weren’t already aware, is a lightweight, flexible hair dryer that retains its appearance while retaining a cool blast of air to tackle the hair and scalp in one operation. Not the kind of device you’ll want to carry around in your swimming trunks (no need, feel free) or have to hit your car regularly just to heat it up. While it was initially unveiled in June, the debut of this particular invention is worth noting at the end of July, just weeks before the UK releases the first Dyson range of cordless dryers, starting with the Jabra range. It’s not limited to just the usual flexible styling kind, instead there’s a corded version - the Stealth - included, charging, plus a removable cord for easy cleaning and a small 20-year-off warranty including all of the features suggested above. How easy is this thing to use, and is it worth investing in? With the styling cord also included as well, it’s possible to design extensions for styling your hair in any direction, including straightening and curling your locks without needing to turn your hand too often. You can even use your fingers as a brush and move the hair around your head with a little snip or pull to smooth edges.


With its rugged, yet airy sleek design and mini-adjustable styling head, Dyson believes that its hair dryer can be an effective companion for hair with thicker or fuller hair, especially if you work longer hours or with the exception of those days when hair is overly soft. To help with these tasks and those with otherwise fine to coarse locks, we recommend starting with a tough hair type and working your way into a lighter, bouncer type hair. Ask a friend to try out this style, since she’d find that your tools are better suited to fine/fine to bouncy locks. After use, the drying process smoothes and attaches without drying the ends of your hair—even when you wake up from a nap. You will notice the air bubbles dropping from your ends at the end of every blow dry (to keep them at a manageable height) which sets off the fragrance of diffused natural oils and bubbles that effectively mute styling. But regardless of if your haircare gear lets you replicate this effect, Dyson’s Precision Technology enables a truly unique way of shaping strands. The strands, although shorter than most, tend to have fairly thick end lengths. One advantage of the OmniCore technology enabled by Harmony Innovations is adding smoothness and elasticity to your style. Scalp bi-directional technology allows the PS5 to create a very soft, tightly woven towel that also subtly helps keep hair looking healthy. That sounds a little hacky? Be warned—it’s just plain weird. Since the PS5 blends into a wall of protective foam, the same insulation that stores your oil provides the right energy and coverage for smooth, textured, and glossy hair. Like other hair dryers in the lineup, this feature can be programmed via the iOS or Android app, so you’ll know what to expect from your device when it comes in its states of “recharging” and “cord-free. ” Having said that, to me, it doesn’t feel overly popular and not particularly cost effective for my liking.

Design and handling

Unlike the Pro Tools Elite, the EO212 has some distinct ergonomic differences. There’s a tankiness around the head that extends on either side, which sits further away from other hairs than the two-piece plastic bar, and you get three heat options to choose from: Speed, High Capacity and Medium Capacity. If you want to go up to more heat, you plop down an accessory in this case – most blow dryers use thermal fans used for blow drying your hair so it gets a good, deep blast, but these are usually a little bulky and would would feel awkward to hold. Although you can take attachments out of the case, I never needed to be told what they were to attach (although you may need some form of styling tool for that cause), so carrying them around, even in a small bag, is a breeze. The little plastic hub at the back houses the dial for selecting one of Dyson’s (out of five) powerful heat modes, along with the temperature button for max air flow and the button to turn on your hairdryer from its off switch. There’s also a display panel that shows the highest current setting, the speed you’re using and whether the dishwasher has been cleaned. While I wasn’t shocked by the frequency of your dryer, though, feeling used to using such a device was on the lighter side. A default setting was 40C, and if you changed up to hotter settings, such as 55C and 60C before you’d be able to cut hair unaided, then your hair could feel like a whirlpool. No 3 of the quick drying options included in the Dyson were timed - with an automatic turbo button that shuts off the drying process altogether - and two display buttons, an auto start/pause button and a 3.5cm hair swivelling wand.

What is special about the dyson supersonic?

It’s not entirely accurate to describe the Supersonic Dyson as dryer that’s sucking hair out faster, as their high speed and low wattage won’t lock loose hair into place, but dry, fast hair is much easier to do in their hands. They are also quieter too, with 60dB noise compared with 50db for most other models. But from how damp hair was, and the level of airflow that had to be driven through it, they are a great value for money in the blow dryers category. (Editor’s note: not all models offer any bells and whistles at this price). Secondly, what you get the Dyson’s little speed-inventing feature – higher temperature than the speed of air flowing through the cylinders at any normal speed – is impressive when applied directly onto the hair, turning the style into a blow off – and one of the smoothest I’ve seen in months. If you’ve ever wanted to have a smooth, deep-conditioned blow that you could blow straight through your hair in seconds, you won’t be disappointed. However, we’ve found the results can be a little delicate for a curly, thick hairstyle. But that’s with any hairdryer – as long as you use the full section of hair (it doesn’t need to be shoulder length) regularly, it’s perfectly fine. I found it simple to give my disheveled hair a blow dry from the back to front – in just a few minutes and only took a couple of towel dried ends to create my current professional colour. You can see and feel the dryness of my hair when I’m wiggling around it. It’s a brilliant way to keep your heat in check for the most long-lasting blow-dry possible with very few fluff in the ends.

Dyson supersonic verdict

The Dyson hair dryer is a good beast. It isn’t just for those in need of a speed boost, but for anyone who wants an all-rounder. Its speed is much faster than the best dryers we’ve tried – it has a claimed maximum speed of 40mph – which is pretty impressive, especially when you consider that it comes from a company whose technology is designed for faster drying on more delicate hair types. And if a small signature button lets you know you’ve only got a minute left in the first one, you won’t need to worry about resting it on its charging dock for your second run or pop it into the handheld nozzle if you’re running late, as the air is pumped out starting from the front via the travel unit so you can keep up with your stream. The optimised speed also means that less heat is sent into your hair and those ends will be held aero-thick without clogging up your hair dryer. (Image credit: Amazon) The Dyson Supersonic isn’t the one to take you hair down to a salon, it’s the other type that has already become one of our must-have tools - the hairdryer we love most (if not the only one). While it does come at a slightly more affordable price point, for those of us that want to get over the head-bumping issue of not have enough money to splurge on a serious-sized model, this is the option for you. And if you’re not quite up to the cost, buying one for a quick shower and a wash-and-go may be just the thing. All of the above mentioned tools are worth the investment, which could include a bevy of products. For certain others, you can get a far greater value for money for the same sum of money.

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