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October 28,2021 by Matthew Bell


Robotic vacuum cleaners can be the best way to boost your home’s home-cleaning capabilities. The devices can help you control your vacuum, pick up dirt from awkward spots, and adjust dust settings accordingly. But whether you’re considering one of them or buying a different type of vacuum altogether depends on the features you have, the price you are looking for and some types of suction. We’ve put these features and features together to help make you think about which kind of cleaner works best for you. As we look at raw numbers, which include the number of floor surfaces and how hard each machine has to press to get every bit of dirt out, it’s easy to see where better options lie. And the key features of different models are to consider: price: Currently there are seven top-selling brands, so a best-value pick might be a smart robot vacuum that’s available for around $1,000. There are plenty of models you can find for under half that if they pack a ton of features, such as 360-degree navigation and object avoidance technology, plus a wide range of other features. If you’ve budgeted for something like a $25 model, but you’re not feeling sure about how cool it is to vacuum after your pets, or if you want the latest tech, check our guide on more smart home robot cleaners. We regularly test the best for cleaning all of the floor types and types of rooms in your home, including carpet, linoleum, laminate and hard floors. Start the evaluation process here. This is where we ask you to submit questions to your robot. See also: With more than a decade in the market, there is no denying that there are some great robot vacuum cleaners to choose from. Some models are priced around $100, and are capable of mapping you entire home.

The best cheap robot vacuums you can buy today

There really are not too many deals out there when it comes to budget robot vacuum cleaners, at least until you make your decision. Although the competition isn’t great at getting great deals, there are some great bargains around, so we’ve gathered the best and best underdogs in this guide.

Upright vacuum cleaners

These are generally slower and more complicated cleaner bags. Which? Choose a bagged option and also look out for any fancy features such as no-go areas. You’ll want to extend the life of the bag before you buy to minimise the chance of dropping a dry-cleaner. These models will usually cost £150 or more compared with around £100 for bags and £300 for upright versions. In the meantime, you can find the best cordless models using our corded vacs reviews.

Are robot vacuum cleaners any good?

If you’re looking to make a move into the home, check out our Robovac reviews or our reviews of several of the cheapest cordless models. They’re a good way to scan reviews for how well these products do and the research you should be doing yourself. We’ve put all titles from cheap to expensive through our tests, including those from Tesco, Karcher, Best Buy and Eufy. The prices we’ve listed below don’t guarantee a real guarantee that you’ll get good results, so check the site to get our estimates, as well as spending more research and doing a home test, to ensure that the best models for your budget make the grade. It’s worth checking test scores on models that are different brands to find out whether you can get similar results in a smaller size. When it comes to costs, it’s likely to be higher for high-end bots such as the iRobot Roomba i7+, Shark Ion R85 and Neato Botvac D7, but you won’t get a whole host of lower-cost alternatives if you do opt for one. If you already own an iPhone or Android device, then budget robot vacs have the same tech features, (the app) as regular ones but they tend to set their own price. So they’ll be less likely to make their way into a bargain bin at the last minute, so choose carefully. Don’t also consider looking for simple, intuitive app-controlled cleaner cleaners which you’ll set up from your smartphone or tablet, as these are sure to cost more.

Pros of cordless vacuums

Cordless vacuum cleaners can work better than a corded vacuum, as such they don’t constantly have to charge, which can be an issue for larger households. And most of them offer excellent suction on large carpets as well as hard floors. The downside is they’re also heavy to carry around, so there may be some long queues if you’re travelling often. Don’t expect to have the whole house to yourself when you’ve finished a cleaning job and need to empty the vacuum afterwards, though. Properly emptying a vacuum cleaner is about a third of a job, compared to 30 percent for a standard vacuum. At the same time, some of the lowest-cost and best-value-to-fit models can take on your average sized carpet. In our bagged tests, we found that the LiDAR battery rated at 8.5 hours on a 60 minute charge can hold up well to at least two full hours of use. Endeavors (and other models you’ll see below) can also be better at picking up small debris and stains, such as pet hair. To determine how to use a robot vacuum better, take a look at our guide on how best to properly vacuum stairs and in general, which models are best for any particular space. Don’t forget to consider where it is located and whether you want it to be charging, so it’s easy to find the right mount for your home. Some models charge quickly, and some manufacturers offer docking stations. Whether you need one for a car, your bedroom, or a small kitchen, a starter pack might be the way to go. Most can be bought in different colours and should be easily identified by your door or other keymarks. A good kit includes accessories to make cleaning it easier, including a mini-sparkle filter and dustbins for cleaning dishes.

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